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Annual activity report 2011

Domestic activities

The Croatian group, headed by the President of the Group, primarily worked on widening the membership base. While the global and local economy worked against increasing membership numbers, it was concluded that additional efforts are to be made in order to keep members from leaving the Group. At the same time it was decided to start a drive for new members on top of the efforts to retain the existing members. The focus was on three groups of potential new members:

a) Members of the Croatian Bar Of Patent Attorneys and Trademark Attorneys Before The Croatian SIPO, since a number of them are not currently members of AIPPI;

b) Individuals and companies from the field of industry who have an interest in IP;

c) Members of the IP community at large.

Additionally, the Secretariat increased efforts to update the current Croatian AIPPI members list as it became outdated by many delayed membership fees payments and members leaving the group, as well as to update contact information for all members. Website

We have redesigned the Group’s old website which never went live, so that the information available at now includes basic information about AIPPI International, AIPPI Croatia, list of members, useful links and contact data. This is seen as an incentive for potentially attracting new members.

Promotion of the Group to Domestic Authorities

Group members initiated contacts and organized meetings with several judges of the Commercial court in Zagreb, the largest of the four courts in Croatia with jurisdiction in IP cases. Future meetings with judges are to become regular. Difficulties were noted in organizing the initial meeting, which was not held at the adequate hierarchical level in order to achieve meaningful results.

Contacts were also started with the Judicial Academy, the State body in charge of educating future judges and judicial employees with the goal of increasing cooperation and enabling AIPPI to put forward its views on intellectual property law.

Group Reports:

No group reports were prepared this year due to the stretched capacities of the members. Only the answers to the Q227 were prepared but the report was not forwarded to AIPPI due to the fact that the person who prepared it changed his job in a critical period and thus submitted the draft report too late.

In 2012, the Group foresees the following activities:

  1. Preparation of group reports.
  2. Organizing at least two general meetings for its members, one of them being open for general public and potential new members.
  3. Contact and Consultations with relevant Croatian authorities in various matters.
  4. Answering AIPPI working questions and possible other inquiries.